Oettel is an experienced composer, performer, author, educator, and devoted educational reform advocate whose compositional influences include Chopin, Debussy, Brahms, Keith Jarrett, George Winston, Supertramp, Yes, and numerous keyboard driven groups from the ‘70s.He combines his passions to inspire a deeper appreciation of the pleasures and benefits of instrumental piano music in his audiences.   A native of southern Illinois, he received his Master of Music in Music Education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, graduating cum laude.  He was a recipient of the Gerdleman Award in Music Composition, the Graduate Award in Music Educational Excellence, and was recognized by St. Louis Community Colleges for contributions to students with disabilities. He studied piano composition with Dr. James Woodard and was a piano student of Mary Anderson, who studied with Jane Allen.

Some of my favorite people.  There are pups we had a few years ago at five months old.  From left to right is Dixie,  Bebop,  and Peanut. 

Dan Oettel

composer - pianist - author

​When listening to a musical selection for the first time, the tendency is to relate what is being heard to the familiar.   In my case you will hear the remnants of a past influenced by Chopin, Debussy, Brahms, Keith Jarrett, George Winston, Supertramp, Yes, and numerous keyboard driven groups from the 70's.